October 9, 2015

Joya Shoes – The World’s Softest Shoe!!

Come in today and let us put you in the Worlds Softest Shoe!!

Joya, the softest shoe in the world, provides a unique walking sensation. The difference to other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling as you walk sets new standards in the comfort shoe sector: the shoe combines modern lines and a comfortable design. Joya has developed various sole technologies to meet different customers’ needs.

Benefits and effect
  • Pamper your feet from the very first step
  • Kind on the joints
  • Ultra-soft to wear and walk in

Joya shoes support the natural way your body moves and encourage you to walk actively. Countless customers attest to the positive effects they have on their body.

Smart Sole Technology


The traditional soft-elastic Joya Smart Sole is designed for a new level of daily comfort and looks after your feet from the first step. It simply makes you walk soft heel to tow in a natural roll motion, which results in a better and more upright posture.

Shoe Reviews

Thanks!  David, Switzerland, Mar 13, 2012


My Joya shoes are the perfect complement to my running. The ultra-soft shoes provide a well appreciated cushioning and rest for my tired feet after the pounding of too many running miles. The shoes also seems to put less pressure on my Achilles which has been bothering me. While the shoes aid in my recovery, at the same time they also strengthen the stabilizing muscles in my feet, legs and back. Thank you Joya!

Joya  Deborah Wallace, Minnesota, USA, Feb 26, 2012

I live in Minnesota. When I first seen the shoes I thought they were just another gimic, however, after trying them on and walking in them, I had to buy them. Great shoes, wonderful product. I am hoping they can come up with new designs for their shoes. I believe you have a costomer for life.


Satisfied customer!  Hugh, USA, Feb 07, 2012

“I love my new Joya shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”


Its California!  Rashmi, CA, USA, Feb 07, 2012

Its california..when people can wear their Uggs, i can wear my JOYA all year round! :)Go JOYA!

 Love at First Sight So I Bought Two Pairs  Carol, USA, Feb 04, 2012


I’ve been searching for the perfect comfort shoe for years. I just found it in Joya. It was truly love at first sight (or fit)! I couldn’t decide between the Marilyn and the Cairo sandal, so I splurged and bought both. Comfy feet are worth any price. I can wear these all day and night, and really hate to take them off to put my slippers on at night. Walking is truly a joy now, and my exercise has increased. Feel like I’m on a cloud. I highly recommend.